About seven years ago event apps were to be the big disruptors of the event industry. The speed of technological advancement has probably been overwhelming for you. I mean, hell look around you, we now have self-driving cars on the roads already (not without any accidents it must be pointed out). Let’s put on the breaks right there, because I think there are other ways you can be creative and improve on your next event.


How about you explore ways that can ensure that attendees meet people who are relevant to them. Generally at networking events, conferences, customer events, exhibitions etc. you are expected to ‘self-service’ your networking. Attendees are expected to get on with it without assistance. Usually this leaves your event clients or attendees disheartened at not meeting people relevant to them or their business.

There is nothing like face-to-face meetings/events and that is the real value of your social/networking event. So why not facilitate the meetings. Appoint a dedicated and charismatic individual that can be your ‘meeting introducer’. This will be a trend and will lead to greater satisfaction amongst attendees and a decrease in no-shows.


Do not get me wrong, I’m all for technological change and adapting but some of these innovations, like VR/AR, are not yet scalable features for events (more so in Mzansi), but it is definitely in the pipeline as a major industry disruptor. We will look at some of these trends to look out for soon.

For now, one of the trends that is within event organisers’ control and one we are putting to effect as a major trend is disruptive event formats to transform conferences – active learning sessions and meetings versus traditional passive learning presentations. It’s something I recommend to all my clients rather than continuing with business as usual.

Experience how we implement some of these tactics at our next annual conference SEAfrica later in the year or call us for a solution that will increase the experience of your clients or attendees at your next gig.

The Author – Peter Blasto Sibeko
A production specialist with a wealth of experience in event production, management & design and other multimedia production services (Radio, TV and Video). With a foundation and background in the music & radio industries and working in the creative space, he is the founder and chairman of SEAfrica (Showbiz Entertainment Africa).