Podcasting Your Way Out Of The Pandemic

The year 2020 has presented it’s self with many unexpected twists and turns where we find ourselves stuck in the middle of a global pandemic. If you are still in business (kudos to you) I’m sure you have had to deal with an unexpected drop in sales, productivity or a need to tweak your business strategy to one that integrates digital communication at its core. Out of solutions?

Well, fear not. Your solution could well be podcasting. A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word in digital audio files that a user can download to their personal device for easy listening. Podcasting will assist in maintaining trust amongst your already existing clientele and possibly increase sales by attracting new customers. We’re seeing an increase in this digital tactic as it makes for sending out communication to stakeholders a breeze for marketers.

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Podcast Services

Podcasting could work if done correctly by using the right tools/equipment and expertise. Now that’s where we come in as C-Major Productions. Being experts in the field of production for over 17 years, delivering quality, creative and management services, some of our services includes webinars and producing, recording and editing podcasts for our clients. Learn more about our podcast services here.

According to Stats SA. almost half (48%) of businesses reported a pause in trading in the period 14 April – 30 April 2020, nearly unchanged from 46% recorded in the first survey. Almost one in ten (9%) businesses indicated that they ceased operations permanently.

Check out episodes of our in-house production – The One Podcast which features, amongst others, the spokesperson to the minister of Sport Arts and Culture, Masechaba Khumalo and CEO of Arts & Culture Trust, Marcus Desando and international guests. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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