Project Description

Event Brief

We tackle all kinds of event briefs from clients – big or small. From getting involved from inception to conceptualise memorable themes for Financial Mail’s Adfocus Award events, providing a wholistic event planning and logistics for the IEC to providing digital and technical production support we pay attention to the detail beyond a brief in order to address client’s business objectives.

Key Factors

Every event is unique and therefore the requirements differ. Time is of the essence when managing an event as it determines what is possible and what is not.  Due to the nature of our business as much as we are aware of time demands we are often called to meet, it is equally important that we remain resolute and yet realistic about production timeframe in order to satisfy expectations.

Various Event Applications

Skills Needed To Produce An Event Experience

Creative flair

Our team’s natural ability to tap into our right brains and think beyond the surface is key.


Experience tells us that the essence of an experience should tie into clients’ brand objectives.


Every stage of creation depends on our level attention to detail being switched on to the max.

Result oriented

No amount of experience can trump brand output and therefore the two work like hand in glove.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Every time I engage C-Major on their technical and audio services, I am amazed by their professionalism, knowledge and experience in their filed.

Bintu Petsana , CEO: Venabi Communications

The Work that C-Major produces is not only good for artists but it is brilliant for the development industries in the South African arts and culture space.

Marcus Desando, CEO: Arts & Culture Trust