Project Description

Project Brief

As an annual event started in 2014 that became one of our flagship projects, the Showbiz Entertainment Africa (SEAfrica) Conference has proved to be a challange due to a 360 degrees demand from a project management point of view. Since inception, our team has been required to service a big part of the creative industries (entertainment sector) by putting up an event that would add value from a growth and development perspective.



Skills Needed

Sales and marketing ranks high on a project of this nature and magnitude as the existanse of the project relize on it. Marketing with digital, social media and PR is important. Project planning is a key requirement which brings into play the important aspects of stakeholder relations (industry and customers ranking high) and logistics management. Time and meticulous detail has been our team’s currency and experience of over 5 years on the project

Project Planning 92%
Salesmanship 98%
Marketing & PR 96%
Stakeholder Relations 94%