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Turnkey Projects


Project Brief As an annual event started in 2014 that became one of our flagship projects, the Showbiz Entertainment Africa (SEAfrica) Conference has proved to be a challange due to a 360 degrees demand from a project management point of view. Since inception, our team has been required to service a big part [...]

Exhibition Marketing


In the midst of a digital era face-to-face marketing is still in high demand for obvious reasons and therefore many clients require our management serve in exhibition marketing. The service ranges from conceptualising designs of exhibition stands, furniture hire and building and management of the process. The process entails: drawing a 3D plan of your [...]

Sponsorship Lobbing


The first Showbiz Entertainment Africa Conference in Botswana (SEAfricaBW) was held in 2019. With the grand aim of contributing to local arts development our team partnered with a local communication and management company Sixpense Management for project conceptualisation and execution. An industry directed project of this magnitude and nature is extremely challenging as it [...]

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