Our professional production team lets you deliver your message to an audience that you can’t see, just as well as if you were right there in person. Great webinars are well planned, organized and executed by a closely knit team. Our team can assist you with the following:

  • Webinar Project Management
  • Webinar Script Writing
  • Design and Layout – creating a slideshow
  • Studio and Equipment Hire
  • Presenting and Moderating
  • Publicize/Promote the webinar

Podcasting is one of the most cutting edge marketing strategies leading marketers use globally. Our production team immaculately delivers this service for our clients by assisting in recording and packaging the audio product so that it is ready for distribution. We offer:

    • Podcast design & project management
    • Audio recording
    • Podcast editing software
    • Sound engineer
    • Library music and effects
    • Final mix (editing)

Our Audio Visual Integration experts fulfil the needs of clients with TV, Radio and Event production needs. Our long standing experience and expertise range from  providing crews and creative personnel that specialise in:

  • creative direction
  • production management
  • animation
  • sound engineering
  • copy writing
  • director of photography
  • directing

Here is a couple of examples from our recent radio productions:

Careful consideration is given to every touch point of any event to guarantee that is as creative as it is well-managed. These areas of consideration includes, but not limited to:

  • project management
  • sales
  • venue sourcing and management
  • RSVP management
  • branding
  • script writing
  • decor and design
  • catering
  • staging and technical support
  • entertainment

Our Creative projects management services importantly entails integrating experts in communication and digital. The specialists entrusted in this area deliver meticulous expertise in:

  • branding (messaging)
  • digital communication (newsletter/web)
  • graphic design
  • public relations and media monitoring
  • photography and videography
  • social media marketing

Our in-house entertainment management service offers the magnificent and sensational entertainment of the singing group – 1SIX.  The goup’s captivating voices and distinctly South African music flavour makes them one of the most exciting music brand of entertainers to have ever come out of the country. They embrace a hybrid of cultures and the merging of Africa with the world in their entertainment presentation.

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Creative Solutions.

Brands come to us with their quest to express a new solution, revitalize an existing brand, solve a strategic or marketing challenge. We are a highly creative team.

Technical Solutions.

Our clients trust our expertise in Sound, Lighting, Staging, AV requirement, Camera work to give their events, video productions and other marketing activities a C-Major touch.

Project Solutions.

The management of your large projects and events needs a highly experienced professional team specialising in turnkey solutions with a track record of managing huge projects annually.

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Our flagship annual project, SEAfrica conference and exhibition (hosted in South Africa), is a business-growth platform that offers partnership opportunities.

The SEAfrica BW conference and exhibition and its various offerings is also open for business to Botswana based brands and organisations.

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